Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tear Sheet: PJ by Peter Jensen at Urban Outfitters

As they say in old movies, "this just came over the wires!"  Fans of the London-based, Danish designer Peter Jensen will be pleased to learn that his line, PJ by Peter Jensen will be available at Urban Outfitters stores here in the states this December.

According to RackedPJ will feature animal knit motifs and brightly-colored gingham pieces. "I've always loved gingham," Jensen says. "And with these tiered pieces we've combined bias cut with straight-cut. It's really simple, but I really like the effect. The exciting thing about doing a line with Urban Outfitters is that it's accessible to everyone. PJ combines great, easy pieces with a touch of humor."

It seems the line is already available at branches of the chain in the UK; The European Urban Outfitters site describes the line as follows: "Known for his mischievous take on fashion, Danish-born Peter Jensen's collections always have a humourous and youthful feel which makes them all the more desirable. Having been trained in a range of disciplines including embroidery and graphics Jensen's many skills are evident in his original and playful designs." Brilliant!  

Would you wear a sweater with a giant rabbit face on it ? Check the collection out here, or view more photos after the jump. 

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