Saturday, October 9, 2010

Designer Rachel Roy is concerned about your finances.

One thing I know about you peeps is that you guys are cheap! Check out this video reposted from the Elle Magazine website where Rachel Roy shops at Pearl River Mart (!) with a budget of $100. The outfits she manages to put together are surprisingly chic, and we find ourselves inspired to head down there and pick up some of those pants. 
Not to worry - bamboo window shades are conspicuously absent from the looks featured.


  1. Great blog! :)
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  2. Hey Meera,

    Thanks for your comment. I would love to check out your blog, but it would be easier for people to find if you include a link. What is it about, rocket science?
    You are, of course, welcome to follow Eye Spy, as well...


  3. I love the pants, but I think those tops are a little more like costume than clothing