Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peeps on the Street: Amber in Park Slope

Amber is a Surgical Veterinary Technician, a profession which combines the cuteness of puppies and kittens with the bloody horror of surgery. It's the juxtaposition of two opposites that make it interesting, much like Amber herself. 

Where did you get what you are wearing today?
Dress: this was a gift, and may actually be a shirt.
Tights: H&M
Boots: Rocket Dog
Sunglasses: Target

Is there any particular item you are shopping for right now?
Shoes and boots, natch. Additionally, Amber is looking for "ugly" sweaters, but not really ugly - more like what she describes as "hot grandma tacky".

What are your favorite stores?
Thrift stores, H&M, Target, and the closet of her friend Amanda.

Can you describe your personal style?
Amber on herself: "Hot Older Cat Lady"
Amber's husband on Amber: "I don't really like 'Hot Older Cat Lady'. She walks the line between ugly and hot. But she's always on the hot side." 

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