Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping List: Clothes and accessories you should buy and let me borrow !

I love the space dyed yarns and general 70's vibe of this cardigan from Kensie

This is a big trend now, and my sources tell me will continue to be everywhere next fall, so you will get a lot of wear out of this one. $88.00.

These Ralph Lauren boots (right) may not seem like the most practical cold weather footwear, but they are undeniably fierce. You can always take a cab, right ? $149.00.

I love this chunky knit, multi colored scarf. It has a subtle silver lurex thing happening, in case earthy isn't your thing. Its only $19.99.

I'm a big fan of purses from Gustto; I've been carrying a different style from this brand regularly for a few years and it still looks brand new. If you buy this, prepare yourself for the guaranteed onslaught of daily compliments. $278.00.

This top from Splendid (left)  is basic, but not boring. It's made of supima cotton / modal blend fabric, which means it's super soft and drapes beautifully. $68.00.

What can I say ? These Chanel shades are the perfect accessory if you want to feel glamorous. $399.00.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Sneak Peak - Part Duex

The saga continues - H&M has released a second image from the campaign promoting their collaboration with French couture brand Lanvin, thus ensuring "the most exciting collaboration H&M has ever produced" stays in the news. As you know by now, the collection will be in stores November 23rd...and we're sick of it already.

The new ad, shown at left, features floral prints, leopard print, and what appears to be....the shopping bag. The full line will include clothing for both women and men, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, shoes, and lipstick. 

According to WWD, Lanvin will be staging a fashion show in New York on November 19, showcasing the line, as well as a few one of a kind pieces, which are to be auctioned off for charity after the show. The festivities will continue in Las Vegas at an opening party for the new H&M store at The Forum Shops at Caesars, where the line will go on sale a whole three days earlier then the rest of the world. Its a good thing so many H&M shoppers have their own private jets, as they are sure to need them next month!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Sneak Peak Revealed!

As we previously reported, Lanvin's collection for H&M is due to hit the stores November 23rd, and this week the chain has taken drastic measures to prevent the buzz from dying down by releasing an ad featuring four outfits. Images of the full collection are due to be released online on November 2 in a short film. 

According to Lanvin Designer Alber Elbaz, "H&M approached us to collaborate and see if we could translate the dream we created at Lanvin to a wider audience, not just a dress for less. I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public."  In other words, don't get it twisted; just because you'll be able to get the label at a mall near you doesn't make any less exclusive ( insert sarcastic eye rolling here )

Interestingly, an intrepid commenter on The Fashion Spot has pointed out that the looks shown in the ad are more than slightly reminiscent of styles Lanvin showed on the runway in 2008 and 2009. (Compare for yourself here) What do you think - is this a matter of a designer staying true to their vision and artistic style, or is Lanvin merely presenting cheap knock-offs of their own line ? Which, if true, is Tres lame.

A second image is due to be released later this week, so better cancel any plans you may have made and stand by...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

m.a.e. Luxury Consignment and Vintage

The problem with writing a piece about m.a.e, is that part of me wants to keep this great little shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn a secret. The shop opened in April 2009, with a mission to recycle amazing pieces that are better made than much of what is available at most stores, for "people who appreciate quality and style". The owner, Marci Dixon, has a background in fashion, and previously worked for Manolo Blahnik. During our chat, Marci had one eye on her customers, steering them in the right direction, answering their questions, and giving them honest assessments on fit.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tear Sheet: PJ by Peter Jensen at Urban Outfitters

As they say in old movies, "this just came over the wires!"  Fans of the London-based, Danish designer Peter Jensen will be pleased to learn that his line, PJ by Peter Jensen will be available at Urban Outfitters stores here in the states this December.

According to RackedPJ will feature animal knit motifs and brightly-colored gingham pieces. "I've always loved gingham," Jensen says. "And with these tiered pieces we've combined bias cut with straight-cut. It's really simple, but I really like the effect. The exciting thing about doing a line with Urban Outfitters is that it's accessible to everyone. PJ combines great, easy pieces with a touch of humor."

It seems the line is already available at branches of the chain in the UK; The European Urban Outfitters site describes the line as follows: "Known for his mischievous take on fashion, Danish-born Peter Jensen's collections always have a humourous and youthful feel which makes them all the more desirable. Having been trained in a range of disciplines including embroidery and graphics Jensen's many skills are evident in his original and playful designs." Brilliant!  

Would you wear a sweater with a giant rabbit face on it ? Check the collection out here, or view more photos after the jump. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Peeps on The Street: Clarissa explains it all

Clarissa is a student and lives on Long Island. She was in Brooklyn visiting a friend and shopping when we met near the Park Slope Beacon's Closet.

Where did you get what you are wearing today?
Shirt: Beacon's Closet
Skirt: thrift store
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Beacon's Closet

Is there any particular item you are shopping for right now?
Clarissa is looking for "good" chunky sweaters, and vintage punk T-shirts.

What are your favorite stores?
Clarissa names the trifecta of NYC vintage shopping: Beacon's Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and Thrift stores, in addition to Urban Outfitters.

Can you describe your personal style?
"Juxtaposition of feminine and punk"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photos from Paris Fashion Week...Oooh la la!

As something of a departure, I'm going to bring you peeps some high fashion straight from the runaways of the Spring 2011 shows in Paris.  I know some of you have birthdays coming up, so feel free to repost :) 

J'adore Valentino !  See anything you like ?

Karl Lagerfeld's set for Chanel

Stephano Pilati for YSL

Miuccia Prada for Miu Miu

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton


Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermes

Monday, October 11, 2010

Peeps on The Street: Calvin on 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

Calvin is an Automotive Technician and lives in Queens.  His personality is even more interesting than his sense of style, if you can imagine that. 

Where did you get what you are wearing today? 
Jeans: Thrifted, then they ripped even more. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the jeans are embellished with rare patches which were donated by friends.
Shirt: Hot Topic, a store Calvin doesn't like much because its too mass market for him. However, he happens to love Guns 'n Roses, so he made an exception in this particular case.
Hat: Obtained from work, from a MAC distributor.
Bracelet: handmade gift from his girlfriend, and he loves it.

What are your favorite stores?
Calvin likes thrift stores, "hole in the wall" shops, and the stores on St. Marks in the east village. He often gets free stuff from Barney's, because his mother works there, so that's a pretty sweet hook up.

Are there any particular items you are shopping for right now?
Calvin says he is getting into really bright colors right now. He also explains that he had come out to Beacon's Closet searching for "a jumpsuit like a toddler would wear", which he needs because he plans to be a toddler for Halloween. 

Can you describe your personal style?
I would not have known where to begin, but luckily he had some ideas: Calvin goes for a Late Hippy / Metal Look. He says he loves flared pants "the bigger the better", and band T-Shirts. Psychedelic Metal, perhaps?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Designer Rachel Roy is concerned about your finances.

One thing I know about you peeps is that you guys are cheap! Check out this video reposted from the Elle Magazine website where Rachel Roy shops at Pearl River Mart (!) with a budget of $100. The outfits she manages to put together are surprisingly chic, and we find ourselves inspired to head down there and pick up some of those pants. 
Not to worry - bamboo window shades are conspicuously absent from the looks featured.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tear Sheet: New Retail "Collaborations" - 6x6 and J+

This photo is, embarrassingly, courtesy of Teen Vogue.

6X6: Here's one that almost flew under our radar, despite being widely reported in fashion bibles such as Teen Vogue - the "hotly anticipated" collaboration between Urban Outfitters, and Soho boutique No.6. In case you aren't familiar, No.6 is known for their awesome shoes, particularly clogs, as well as some drool-worthy but very expensive clothing. For those of you living someplace other than NYC, this is your chance to check it out.
The collection will be called 6x6, and will feature "wide-leg satin pants, structured jackets, and oversized sweaters, plus of course the brand's famous footwear". Watch for it this November, both in stores and online. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this one is gonna be good!

Jil Sander for Uniqlo: Uniqlo’s J+ collaboration hit the stores today. Racked NY has the scoop, and goes into quite a bit of detail about the outerwear, prices, and how long the lines were. They are receiving another delivery tomorrow, October 7th, so if you didn't make it today, there is still hope.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peeps on the Street: Amber in Park Slope

Amber is a Surgical Veterinary Technician, a profession which combines the cuteness of puppies and kittens with the bloody horror of surgery. It's the juxtaposition of two opposites that make it interesting, much like Amber herself. 

Where did you get what you are wearing today?
Dress: this was a gift, and may actually be a shirt.
Tights: H&M
Boots: Rocket Dog
Sunglasses: Target

Is there any particular item you are shopping for right now?
Shoes and boots, natch. Additionally, Amber is looking for "ugly" sweaters, but not really ugly - more like what she describes as "hot grandma tacky".

What are your favorite stores?
Thrift stores, H&M, Target, and the closet of her friend Amanda.

Can you describe your personal style?
Amber on herself: "Hot Older Cat Lady"
Amber's husband on Amber: "I don't really like 'Hot Older Cat Lady'. She walks the line between ugly and hot. But she's always on the hot side." 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tear Sheet: Fall's Big "Mini" Trends

Like this? It's Valentino, so good luck with that.
Schizophrenic headlines aside, Lucky Magazine has an interesting little piece on their website on Fall's top "mini" trends, or "trendlets". You are likely seeing the following in stores now:

Red and Black:  "This delightfully attention-hogging combination channels the '80s with bright contrast and energy to spare." 
Ruffles: "Whether it's just a tiny ripple of fabric down the front of a blouse or full-on tiers of flourishes, this deeply feminine embellishment is one of the quickest ways to add interest to an outfit."
Lace on Lace: "Thanks to its highly textural look, lace on lace results in coolly elaborate patterns."

The photos in the slideshow cover a mix of items from both high and low price points - the labels run the gamut from Prada to Charlotte Russe. Yay ! Something for everyone! Check it out here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Peeps on The Street: Matt and Kseniya on 5th avenue.

When I met Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, it turned out that these two are even more funky and interesting than their outfits. Matt works in IT, and Kseniya is a researcher, but their real interest lays in the zine they have created, "I Love Bad Movies" - check out their etsy store !

Where did you get what you are wearing today?
Shirt: Guvnor's 
Shorts: cut off Levis
Hat: The Village Scandal
Shoes: Dexter

Shirt and Pants: Both Urban Outfitters. The Shirt is actually from the men's section, which Kseniya thinks has better T Shirts.
Shoes: Matiko, purchased on Overstock.com
Sweater: Hand-me-down from her mom.
Necklace: The mini harmonica charm ( and it works! ) was a gift Matt got her from Hong Kong.
Bag: Actually a camera bag, purchased at the Chelsea flea market.

Is there any particular item you are shopping for right now?
Matt needs a more seasonally appropriate hat for fall, and Kseniya wants a cape.

What are your favorite stores?
Both Matt and Kseniya like Guvnor's in Park Slope. Matt is also a fan of Hog Mountain, and Kseniya likes to shop online.

Can you describe your personal style?
Matt: "old man at the beach"
Kseniya: "feminine tomboy"

Hey local peeps - Matt and Kseniya will be celebrating the release of the third issue of "I Love Bad Movies" and we're all invited! The party will feature drink specials until 8:30, a bad movie on the projector, and all guests will receive a free copy of the new issue. Tuesday, October 12th at Sharlene's on Flatbush. Check it out!