Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tear Sheet: Fall's Big "Mini" Trends

Like this? It's Valentino, so good luck with that.
Schizophrenic headlines aside, Lucky Magazine has an interesting little piece on their website on Fall's top "mini" trends, or "trendlets". You are likely seeing the following in stores now:

Red and Black:  "This delightfully attention-hogging combination channels the '80s with bright contrast and energy to spare." 
Ruffles: "Whether it's just a tiny ripple of fabric down the front of a blouse or full-on tiers of flourishes, this deeply feminine embellishment is one of the quickest ways to add interest to an outfit."
Lace on Lace: "Thanks to its highly textural look, lace on lace results in coolly elaborate patterns."

The photos in the slideshow cover a mix of items from both high and low price points - the labels run the gamut from Prada to Charlotte Russe. Yay ! Something for everyone! Check it out here.

1 comment:

  1. The ruffles trend isn't new, especially the way they show it on the lucky site.
    Red and black is though.I haven't seen anyone wearing lace on lace yet, but I saw alot of printed lace patterns.
    Good luck with the site