Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tear Sheet: Elle Magazine Fifties, Fifties

Quite a bit has been reported in the magazines lately declaring the 50's to be the decade du jour. Elle Magazine has a slideshow on their website presenting photos "for inspiration" taken at something called "Summer Jamboree", which takes place in Sennigallia, Italy. Considering the fact that this is a Rockabilly & Swing festival, we're not sure what else they could have expected to find, but the looks are interesting. In case you couldn't figure out what you are supposed to take away from this, the copy points out longer hemlines, bright lipstick, scarves, halters, corsets ( uh-oh! ) and liberal use of prints, particularly polka dots.
Do you think people will take this one literally ? And has the fifties trend given impetus to the fact that every guy we know is now riding a motorcycle ? Cuz I wanna know whats up with that.

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