Monday, August 30, 2010

Peeps on The Street: Whitney and Dominga in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I couldn't resist stopping these lovely ladies when I spotted them in Williamsburg, and they were just as awesome as their outfits. I loved the color, and the sense of fun in both their styles and personalities.
Whitney Pozgay (left) is a fashion designer with her own line called "Whit". Dominga Gardener (right)  is a publicist, and handles her designer friend among other fabulous people.

Where did you get what you are wearing today?
Dress: Steven Alan No.6
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: purchased at a japanese baby store, and is most likely not supposed to be a necklace.

Dress: Forever 21
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Flip Flops: Havaianas

Is there any particular item you are shopping for right now?
Whitney is looking for a beautiful camel coat for the upcoming season, and some leopard shoes. Dominga is planning on purchasing a great trench coat, and anything with polka dots.

What are your favorite stores?
The answer to this one is basically a primer on where to shop if you want to have mad style: Bird, Honey in the Rough, In God we Trust, and Jumelle

Can you describe your personal style?
Whitney describes her style as "Classic with a Mod Twist". She likes primary colors, and is inspired by a 60's French vibe. The pair discuss Dominga's look for a moment, and settle on "Preppy Mexican".

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  1. And...they (Whitney and Dominga) are as nice and fun as they are cute and stylish. L. Mom