Monday, December 6, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Rowenazita

High style and low maintenance? Sign us up!

Rowenazita Designs is a clothing line focused on one-of-a-kind pieces, custom work and upcycling. The idea for Rowenazita began when designer Shireen Dickson, a dancer, needed clothing that would work for class or performance, but could then be worn for the rest of the day without looking like a cast member from Fame or Flashdance. Shireen started creating her own dance clothing as an alternative to sweats, moved on to making a few pieces for friends, and a star clothing line was born! The collection consists of dresses, jumpsuits, and outerwear, and is designed to allow maximum movement and comfort, without sacrificing fashion.

A custom made Rowenazita jumpsuit
Shireen learned how to sew from her mother, who is a pretty serious sewer and made dance costumes. As Shireen started to request specific pieces as an adult, her mother gave her a sewing machine and she started making up her own designs. Rather than use patterns, she lays the fabric on the floor and starts cutting; "As a dancer, I understand the body and proportions", Shireen says. The results are totally unique and everything is one-of-a-kind.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Rowenazita Designs is that clients have the ability to work with Shireen to create their own unique piece. In fact, Shireen says her favorite aspect of having her own clothing line is working with her clients, to give them what they want.  Interestingly, Rowenazita offers "upcycling" - a unique service where people can bring in clothing they almost like, and Shireen will customize it by taking it apart, combining it with something else, and putting it back together to create a new piece that you love !  "Not everyone can do that", explains Shireen, "that's why they need me!"  In the interest of journalism, we decided to test this with a few pieces I had where I liked the fabric, but not the silhouette. Shireen was able to combine two tops into one more stylish one, and is also working on making a pair of ugly bootcut jeans into harem pants, which I can't wait to see (hint, hint, Shireen!) 
The lovely Miss Shireen working with clients

Rowenazita Designs is currently at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check out the Rowenazita Designs website, or Etsy store for more pictures or to shop online!

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