Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tear Sheet: NY Women of Style Museum Exhibit

"Notorious and Notable: 20th Century Women of Style" is the boring name of an awesome exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, running now through January 3rd. The exhibit features "80 prominent New York women who used their style, talent, or wealth to capture the attention of society and the media."

The show is organized with the clothing and jewelry displayed on mannequins along a mock runway so visitors can see garments up close. A diverse cross-section of famous New York women are represented including: Jacqueline Kennedy Onnassis, Isadora Duncan, and Barbara Walters. While it is unlikely that famous old-school socialite Mrs. Cornelius Whitney Vanderbilt would have ever been in the same room with stripper Gypsy Rose Lee during their lifetimes, the former clothing of both women get to mingle at this exhibit - Ms. Gypsy Rose must be turning over in her grave !

Highlights include Diana Vreelands fish-shaped cigarette lighter, a crazy gown worn by Louise Nevelson, and the little number on the left, worn by Lauren Bacall in 1963. You can see more images from the show here.

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